• We aim to give these kids something great to look forward to
  • We want to make these kids celebrity’s and leaders of today
  • Rewards for academic excellence and social responsibility

Our Program uses games,
songs, exercise, storytelling
and acting to teach and inspire. Beyond this arts and business trades, financial education and home economics for real life applications.

  • Classroom games that teach about bullying
  • Moral storytelling to inspire children
  • Field trips to expand ideas
  • Music and video production to realize the arts constructed to address bullying
  • Book club to reinforce leadership


  • Emphasize Leadership and Reshape Minds
  • Kids Can Become Celebrities through Leadership
  • Visual, Aural and Hands On Bullying Intervention techniques
  • Music, Dance and Acting Experience
  • Anti-Bullying Resources for Teachers

Back To School: Help Prevent Bullying Before It Starts